Monthly Archives: March 2013

Bounce Back: Week 8 Half-Marathon Training

I am thrilled with my overall progress towards my goal of running the Fairfield Half-Marathon in 1:20 on June 23. And it is reassuring that after a week of suffering with a fever and coughing, I am healthy once again as confirmed by last week’s 50 miles of quality workouts. Over the past 8 weeks, […]

Another 17 Mile Run: Half-Marathon Training

Two weeks ago I ran my first 17 mile long run, part of my training to run 1:20 at the Fairfield Half-Marathon on June 23. On Friday, I ran the same 17 mile course and improved my time from 2:06:38 to 2:03:11 (reducing my mile pace from 7:26 to 7:14). It is a challenging course […]

Changing Landscape of Youth Distance Running: Boom!

We are experiencing another distance running boom and what is exciting is that our youth and teens are very much part of what is happening. State and national records continue to fall across middle school and high school (and of course, college and elite) events and distances in track & field, cross country and road […]

Half-Marathon Training: Week 7 – What Goes Up…

Must Come Down. And it did. The “it” being my half-marathon training and effort to build an aerobic base. Recall (if you’ve been following and reading) my goal to run the Fairfield Half-Marathon on June 23 in 1:20. Every week of training is important to achieve my goal. I ran 50 miles in week 6, […]

Half-Marathon Training: 17 Mile Run

This is week 6 of my training for the Fairfield Half-Marathon on June 23, with a goal time of 1:20. I have 3 goals for the week: Increase my weekly mileage to 50 miles Increase my long run distance (previous long runs were 10 miles) Run beyond the 13.1 mile race distance to train my […]

Staying Healthy: Week 5 Half-Marathon Training

As I completed week 5 of my training, with a goal to run the Fairfield Half-Marathon in 1:20 on June 23, I am increasingly focusing on how to continue building the aerobic base while staying healthy. For the first 5 weeks, I ran 215 miles. One of the principles that underpins my training strategy and […]