Monthly Archives: July 2011

Gear Review – Minimalist running shoes – New Balance Minimus Trail

How things have changed over the past year or so. In mid-2010, my brother-in-law (also a runner) and I talked about the importance of proper running form in both kids and adults to maximize the enjoyment of running and minimize injuries. He talked to me about barefoot running and recommended I read the book Born […]

Interval Pyramids – Keeping intervals fresh and fun for kids

The benefits of intervals, even for young runners, are clear: Increase VO2max. Improve strength and form. Gain mental fitness. I wrote about intervals for kids and how to make it fun here. During the the dog days of summer, it becomes more of a challenge to run intervals on the track with your kids. If […]

Check point – 1 mile time trial (2011)

Having boldly stated a goal of wanting to run a 6:45 mile this spring/summer in preparation for the 2011 New Canaan Mile, my 9 year old son asked me for another checkpoint in late May, and I obliged. As background, as an 8 year old he ran 8:30 at the New Canaan Mile (on the […]

Hill repeats to improve strength and form

To complement our trail distance runs, I have been introducing my kids to several running workouts that improve strength, speed and form (read about strides and interval workouts). Hill running is one of the most effective running workouts that addresses all three components of good running, and we have added hill repeats to one of […]

Gear Review – CamelBak .75L BPA-free bottle

I should not have to espouse the importance of hydrating before, during and after a run to replenish fluids and electrolytes. For the before and after periods, I sip often from a CamelBak .75 L BPA-free bottle filled with ice water or, better yet, home-brewed herbal iced tea (caffeine free!). The feature-packed, well-designed and eco-friendly […]

Gear Review – Youth running shoes – New Balance 790

I was looking for the impossible running shoe for my 9 year old son. It had to be light, but supportive and comfortable. The shoe should be excellent on all surfaces – trails, roads and the track. And this impossible shoe should double as a trainer and a racer. Oh yeah, and of course it […]