Monthly Archives: August 2010

Back to School – what did we accomplish this summer?

The kids are going back to school next week, my 8yr old will be attending 4th grade and my 14yr old will be entering 9th grade at the high school. It’s time to retrospect about what we set out to accomplish this summer and assess whether we achieved our goals. There were 3 objectives I […]

Making intervals fun for kids

Intervals bring back painful memories of high school and college track workouts. Pushing to the physical and mental limit, running faster than race pace, with short recoveries. It hurts. The benefits of intervals, even for young runners, are clear: Increase VO2max. Improve strength and form. Gain mental fitness. Challenge: how to make intervals safe and […]

Strides to work on form and speed

After an interval workout on Saturday, a distance run on Sunday, and a recovery day on Monday, I promised my 8 year old son a “surprise” during our workout today. While I ran Saturday and Sunday in my New Balance 100, today I put my NB 859 back on. We ran about 3 miles on […]

Gear Review – Minimalist running shoes – New Balance 100

For more than ten years I have been running in New Balance 850 series shoes. I have been very happy with my shoes, running on roads and trails, racing 5Ks through half-marathons, with minimal injuries over the 10 year period. Every 500 miles or so, I would replace the worn pair with a new one. […]