Bounce Back: Week 8 Half-Marathon Training

I am thrilled with my overall progress towards my goal of running the Fairfield Half-Marathon in 1:20 on June 23. And it is reassuring that after a week of suffering with a fever and coughing, I am healthy once again as confirmed by last week’s 50 miles of quality workouts.

Over the past 8 weeks, the important positives for me are:

  • Building my aerobic base with 341 miles in 8 weeks, including two 50-mile weeks (before and after my 30-mile week when I was ill).
  • Maintaining consistency with 52 of 56 days (93%) running (2 days sick, 2 days conservative break).
    Extended long runs from initially 8 miles to 17 miles over first 6 weeks, now running 17 miles every other week.
  • Adding tempo runs with short runs at 6-minute goal race pace and 8-mile runs at slower pace (ran 8 miles at 6:28 pace last week).
  • Staying healthy and avoiding injury with hard/easy days and weeks, stretching, core exercises, strength training, lots of sleep and wholesome nutrition. Minor setback in week 7 was illness that cost me two training days.
  • Enjoying setting goals and exploring the limits of the human mind and body and having fun learning and adapting based on feedback.

The last two points cannot be overemphasized. I am pushing my body long and hard and being smart about what makes sense and what does not. It requires a tremendous focus and self-awareness – being in touch with physical and mental boundaries – and pushing against those boundaries and recognizing when to back off. Because I am goal-oriented and competitive, I cannot ignore feedback and must adapt based on that feedback, otherwise I risk not achieving my goal.



  1. Awesome. How comfortable was 6:28 pace?

    1. Not comfortable except for last mile. My short-term goal is to run that same course at that pace comfortably by end of April. That gives me about 2 months to lower my time to 6 min pace.

      1. How do you compare your condition right now to the same time the past few years? Your training is very impressive

    2. Compared to past few years, my condition is much better. This time last year I was recovering from a foot stress fracture, and started to run end of April. Prior years I was probably running 25 – 35 miles per month early in the year. For the past 10 weeks, I am averaging 45 miles per week. In 2003, when I last ran the Fairfield Half-Marathon, I was running 30-40 miles per month, and my long run was 13 miles.

  2. […] 2 out of 3 weeks at 50 miles, and several quality workouts last week including an 8-mile tempo run and a 17-mile long run, my legs felt heavy and it was time for a […]

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