Monthly Archives: September 2011

Race Tactics – Running at the limit from the start

In a distance race, it is generally considered more efficient to run a negative split, i.e. to run later phases of the race at a faster mile pace than earlier phases. It is also a more conservative strategy because it allows the runner to increase the pace during a race based on physical and mental […]

Tools – Online Running Logs

Introduction This article contains information about running logs, such as what is a running log, what are the benefits, and what are the most common features. For illustrative examples, I have used – which my kids and I use and like – there are several running logs available that you should check out. What […]

How to pick races that should be fun for the entire family

Would you like to pick a race for your kids and/or yourself, and are you thinking about how to include members of your family who don’t run? Are you browsing through an online race event calendar and unsure of how to choose a family-friendly race? Or just new to racing and want to learn more […]