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“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Steve Prefontaine Visualization: formation of mental visual images; act or process of interpreting in visual terms. Today’s workout for my 14-year old son was 5 x 800 meters on the track at 2:50 (5:40 mile pace) with a 6 minute active (walking) recovery […]

Incorporating Ancillary Work in Distance Training

I would like to emphasize the importance of incorporating ancillary work in distance running, and share from personal experience what happens if you do and don’t complement running with ancillary work. This is a continuing conversation that I started with Operating at the Boundary of Health and Injury. Let’s start with Coach Jay Johnson’s recommendation […]

Summer 2015 Training Update

Quick progress update on our summer XC training. We by and large are following our Summer / Fall Middle School Cross Country Program. As previously mentioned, we wanted to build on the momentum and motivation gained during the track season. For the first 3+ weeks, we followed the program closely and my 13-year old son […]

Goals and Plans for 2015 Middle School Cross Country

With the completion of my son’s 2015 middle school outdoor track season, and able to build on momentum and motivation gained during the track season, we’ve designed our goals and plans for a successful 2015 middle school fall cross country season. The formula is simple: Set goals Plan Execute Adjust plan as needed Have fun […]

2015 Outdoor Track Retrospective

Four quick takeaways from my 13 year-old son’s completed 2015 outdoor track season: Health Staying healthy enables consistent training and development. Several injuries and illnesses have interrupted training over the past year, and adversely impacted developmental progress. My son’s physical growth (6 inches in height and 2 full shoe sizes in past 6 months) have […]

Pre-Conference Championship Workout Part 2

Race sharpening workout with my 13-year old son in preparation for next week’s Western Connecticut Conference Middle School Track Championship. Following Thursday’s progression workout (sets of 800/400/200) (part 1), and easy 6 mile trail runs each on Friday and Saturday, our final workout today (Sunday) comprised 12 rolling 200’s at slightly sub-goal race pace (part […]

How much is too much?

We just witnessed history with two high school boys, Matthew Maton and Grant Fisher, breaking the 4-minute mile barrier as the 6th and 7th high schoolers to do so, and the first time two have achieved that feat in the same year. Both ran identical 3:59.38 times, Maton at the Oregon Twilight meet on May […]