Runningwithkids.com is an online running resource for parents and kids focused on running programs, workouts, shoes, gear, and more. In addition, I share insights into coaching two of my sons and report what works and what doesn’t. As a former competitive high school and Division 1 college cross country and track athlete, I am passionate about running and teaching my kids the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and the opportunity to work hard, set goals and succeed in life. Runningwithkids.com started because I found relatively few good resources (primarily books and websites) for coaching children and adolescents who are interested in distance running (I found even fewer of these resources authored by people who have both practical experience running and raising kids).



  1. Hello,
    I found runningwithkids.com accidentally while searching for a domain name.
    I found your website informative and useful.
    I would be interested in partnering with you and adding the link to your website on mine:
    Please let me know whether you would be interested in my advertisement of your website.
    Thank you,
    Anna Shchemelinin

    1. Anna,
      Thanks for the feedback and your interest in partnering. I have sent you an email to learn more about what you have in mind. Thanks.

  2. Sir,
    I’d like to get in touch with you about youth running. I’d like to ask if you’d check out the youth training guide my friend and i just put on amazon kindle. it is available to borrow for free for amazon prime users with a kindle. i agree with you that there are few good resources for kids, parents and coaches.

    1. Mick – thanks for reaching out. Congrats on publishing your youth running guide. I sent you an email with my contact info. Hope to hear from you.

  3. Gregory VandenBosch · · Reply

    Stumbled upon your blog while looking for running gear for my 9 year-old twins that love the sport. Surprised how l hard it is to find anything. Your blog is a great resource! Thank you. BTW – I ordered the Marmot coat you reviewed for both of them.

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving feedback. You may want to check out the Youth and Teen Running Encyclopedia by Mick Grant on Amazon. Fantastic resource. Best wishes to you and your twins!

  4. Gregory VandenBosch · · Reply

    Thanks for your note. I ordered the book too! All the best. /g

  5. Hi there, I enjoyed reading your website and all of the different gear reviews that you have done. I work for a company called STASH Sporting Goods which has just designed a new product for runners of all ages, but it seems to be particularly useful to kids. We would love to send you a sample to hear what you think of the product. It is called The LaceLocker, you can check us out at http://www.lacelocker.com. I would like to get in touch with you to talk more about this.

    1. Hi Angelo, thanks for the feedback. Checked out your company’s website and looks like a creative solution to a problem we experience every day we lace up. I sent you a direct message on twitter with my contact info.

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