Monthly Archives: June 2012

How do I train with my 10 year old?

I made some changes to my son’s running program over the past year (read my previous post “How Do I Train with my 9 Year Old?”) in support of several goals: Improve my son’s 5K and mile PRs (currently 22:14 and 6:04, respectively) Place among the top in age group in local and regional competitions […]

Check Point – 3 Year Retrospective

When I started running with my youngest son at age 6 (he’s now 10), we did not know whether or not he would enjoy running, and if he did, would he want to race and be competitive. About the same time, my son started Taekwondo, and while he’s close to earning his 2nd Dan Black […]

Gear Review – Stretching tool – ProStretch Plus

Heel pain is a common problem for young runners, and can be the result of Sever’s disease, Plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinitis. My youngest son, age 10, runs competitively and trains four days and about 15-20 miles per week. For the past two years, he has suffered from heel pain, which at times has caused […]