Monthly Archives: February 2013

Rebuilding During Indoor Track Season

Sometimes it is better to take a step back and think about what changes could improve performance rather than continuing to do the things that don’t produce the desired results. Sometimes one is put in a position to take a timeout and analyze. Such was the scenario with my 16 year old son, a passionate […]

And the Award Goes To: Week 4 Half-Marathon Training

Four weeks ago, I set a goal of running the Fairfield Half-Marathon on June 23 in 1:20. Although it’s still early, I feel good about the progress to date and am physically and mentally invested in achieving my goal. Here’s a quick progress update: Logged almost 170 miles and ran 27 out of 28 days […]

2013 Armory Youth Meet

Two days after the 2013 Millrose Games were held at the NYC Armory, my sons raced on the same fast indoor track as Bernard Lagat, Lopez Lomong, Matt Centrowitz, Sheila Reid, Alysia Montano, Nick Symmonds, Duane Solomon, and high school record holders Mary Cain and Edward Cheserek, to name a few. Both sons had been […]

Short on Miles, Long on Learning: Week 3 Half-Marathon Training

This week it was not the miles I put in (I was 4 miles short of my 45 mile weekly goal), but what I learned in the process. This week was my 3rd week of training to achieve my goal of running the Fairfield Half-Marathon in 1:20 on June 23, and I started the week […]

Finding Nemo: Learning to Take Risks in Week 2 of Half-Marathon Training

First, I am thrilled that I ran 45 miles this week and met my weekly mileage goal, which will help me build my aerobic base for the Fairfield Half-Marathon on June 23. Second, I took a few risks this week to learn about myself and I learned some valuable things. Achieving my goal this week […]

Elements of Half-Marathon Training Plan

In my initial post about my goal of running the Fairfield Half-Marathon on June 23 in 1:20, I focused on the why’s of designing the plan to help me achieve my goal. It is worth repeating here: “To achieve my goal, I must design a plan to take me from where I am today (about […]

Monday Morning Quarterback: Week 1 Half-Marathon Training

About a week ago I set a goal to run the Fairfield Half-Marathon on June 23 in 1:20. I completed my first week of training and it’s worth a quick retrospective to assess whether I am on track and what did I learn that I can apply going forward. Overall I am happy with my […]