Staying Healthy: Week 5 Half-Marathon Training

As I completed week 5 of my training, with a goal to run the Fairfield Half-Marathon in 1:20 on June 23, I am increasingly focusing on how to continue building the aerobic base while staying healthy. For the first 5 weeks, I ran 215 miles. One of the principles that underpins my training strategy and plan is the principle of hard/easy weeks and days. That means I plan to alternate hard and easy weeks and avoid back-to-back hard weeks. Within any given week, I will run hard/easy days and ensure an easy day precedes and/or follows a hard day (sometimes I may run 2 consecutive hard days, but not more). This allows my body to be ready for a hard workout (so that I can stress the body while minimizing risk of injury), and provides for recovery after the hard workout so my body can heal and become stronger.

Below are my workouts for week 5 (total 45 miles).

  • Monday: hard 9 mile trail run
  • Tuesday: easy 7 mile trail run with my son
  • Wednesday: hard 2x mile tempo run on roads (6 minute pace), plus warmup and cooldown
  • Thursday: easy 6 mile run with my son, 6x 200 speed work on track
  • Friday: hard 10 mile long run on hilly roads
  • Saturday: hard 10×400 intervals (85 seconds) with my son, plus warmup and cooldown
  • Sunday: easy 6 mile trail run with my son


  1. I am running my first half-marathon on the same day, but it’s the Women’s Half Marathon in Chicago. Cannot wait for the experience! Good luck with getting such an amazing time! I’m hoping to finish in under 2 hours, but the ultimate goal is just to finish!

    1. Thanks Ani for visiting my blog. And congratulations on your entry to the Chicago half-marathon – I read about the snafu with the signup. Two hours in an excellent goal, and like you said, finishing is terrific accomplishment. Best of luck with your training, have fun and stay healthy!

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