Half-Marathon Training: Week 7 – What Goes Up…

Must Come Down. And it did. The “it” being my half-marathon training and effort to build an aerobic base. Recall (if you’ve been following and reading) my goal to run the Fairfield Half-Marathon on June 23 in 1:20. Every week of training is important to achieve my goal. I ran 50 miles in week 6, including a 17-mile long run in 2:06:38. It was an awesome way to complete my highest mileage week.

Then I caught the flu. And ran 30 miles in week 7, including two days when I did not run. I wanted to run but risked further weakening my immune system and being unable to return to normal training for a longer period of time. Tough as it was, I cut my losses and focused on healing and recovering. Whether I ran 30 miles or 35 miles did not matter. What mattered was the following week 8. Last night, in a snow blizzard that dumped several inches of fresh snow (on March 18!) on the trails of Waveny Park, with winds howling and driving the snow sideways, I ran 8 miles and felt physically and mentally great. Stretching and a hot shower never felt so good. I plan to run 55 miles this week, and the 8 mile run was a positive start.


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