Pre-Conference Championship Workout part 1

Challenging workout today with my 13-year old son in preparation for next week’s Western Connecticut Conference Middle School Track Championship. First anaerobic workout of the season, with most of our training up to this point consisting of medium and long trail runs, uphill mile tempo runs, sets of threshold 1K’s on the track, and speed development work. Our final week comprises this workout on Thursday (part 1), a 12×200 workout at slightly sub-goal race pace on Sunday (part 2), and the conference championships on Wednesday. Everything else will be easy trail runs and some strides.



  1. […] Thursday’s progression workout (sets of 800/400/200) (part 1), and easy 6 mile trail runs each on Friday and Saturday, our final workout today (Sunday) comprised […]

  2. […] his potential. Based on his last 10 days of training, he was primed to race well and crushed the 800/400/200 progression workout and the rolling 200’s. I continued driving towards the Merritt Parkway and calmed my son and […]

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