Workout Video – Threshold Miles

Good running form is important to ensure optimal training and competition results and to reduce the risk of injury. The first step to correcting running form is to recognize what is wrong, and that includes having the runner see his / her problems. In order to record and analyze my younger son’s running form, and to help him visualize his form, I purchased a Canon Vixia HF R400 camcorder for $200 in January 2014, and using a Slik tripod, started to record a few of his workouts. Recording my son would enable both of us (runner and coach) to view the same thing and discuss what we observe and what should be corrected.

The first video shows a 3 x 1 mile threshold workout at 6:00 pace on the track. The goal of the workout was two-fold: improve my son’s lactate profile (allowing him to run faster before producing lactic acid) and work on good running form. We chose to run repeat miles at a pace close to the lactate threshold (aerobic, not anaerobic) with a 1:1 recovery ratio.

Weather conditions were not ideal, and although it was sunny and 30F, the 20 mph winds made it feel like 10F.


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