Crawling Back

Six months is a long time. Injuries do not heal quickly. Especially if it’s not the first injury of its kind. Six months ago I started running again, after having to abort my half-marathon training because of a stress reaction exactly one year after a stress fracture in my right foot. Although I have been conservative with my training, I still do feel slight discomfort either on fast workouts or long workouts.

But there is definite improvement. I feel stronger and faster. I have increased my weekly mileage to 40 miles, with most run on soft trails and grass. I completed two 12 mile runs exactly two weeks apart, the first one in 1:30:11 (7:30 mile pace) and the second in 1:28:05 (7:20 mile pace). And last week I ran a 3x 1 mile threshold workout with my 11 year old on the track at 6:15 pace. Every Thursday we run 6 miles on trails and finish with a 6×200 speed workout on the track in sub-35. It’s a long way back. Let’s see where I am in six months (mid-April 2014). For those of you interested in following along, I will post periodic updates. My 1:20 half-marathon goal hasn’t changed. Achieving it has been delayed.


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