On the Road Again

Four weeks have passed since I stopped training for my half-marathon goal because of a stress reaction. I wore an Aircast boot to stabilize my foot and aid in the recovery and healing process. On Tuesday I ventured back on the trails for an easy 5 mile run with one of my sons at 8 min/mile pace. It was wonderful. I had to keep my emotions in check and not let my adrenaline rush propel me to run too fast or too far. I am on the road back and want to learn from my injury and not repeat the same mistake. That means ramping up more slowly, and taking breaks after long runs beyond 10 miles and intense interval or tempo workouts. And strengthening my chassis so that when my aerobic engine becomes strong again, my chassis can support the intense workouts that my engine will be capable of doing. It’s great to be running again.



  1. Glad to hear you’re back running again. Always feels good to start back. You gonna be at the Bloomfield Invite on Saturday or will we catch up again at the AAU or USATF Champs meets?

    1. Thanks for the wishes. It’s awesome to be running again.

      New Canaan RC has a track meet tomorrow at Newtown w/ Newtown, Tomlinson, Wilton and Southbury, so won’t be at the Bloomfield Invitational, followed by the WCC League meet and State Championships. We’ll see you at the USATF JO in New Britain. Good luck in Bloomfield!

  2. […] long time. Injuries do not heal quickly. Especially if it’s not the first injury of its kind. Six months ago I started running again, after having to abort my half-marathon training because of a stress reaction exactly one year […]

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