Gear Review – LaceLocker

The beauty of LaceLocker (patent pending) from Stash Sports is its simple, guaranteed performance. A simple “locker” to stow shoelaces that is guaranteed to work. No double knotting, no risk of laces unexpectedly opening, quick to change shoes, and made for small and big hands alike. Unobtrusive and weightless. And awesome looking.

Continue reading my review below the photos.

Set of LaceLockers with simple instructions

LaceLocker inserted on New Balance 890 v3 running shoe and shown in open position

One side of LaceLocker folded over laces, other side shown in open position

LaceLocker closed and fastened with laces securely stowed inside

Running 600m and 200m intervals on track with laces secured by LaceLocker

Runner’s Problems

Shoelaces are designed to provide a secure, comfortable fastening system for running and racing shoes.

Unfortunately, shoelaces are not secure unless double and triple knotted (and even then I’ve had flat laces open during a race). That creates other problems. Double and triple knots (when snug) create pressure points under the knot and make the shoes uncomfortable. And double-knotting shoelaces makes them impossible to untie quickly – especially for small hands. Have you ever tried untying double knots when changing shoes in a track meet and the meet director announces “final call for the boys mile?” Or after returning home from a winter trail run with shoes and laces covered in ice?

Kids in particular dislike untying double-knotted shoes to the point where they slip in and out of shoes without untying them, which means that the shoelaces no longer provide a secure, comfortable fastening system.

Enter LaceLocker!


LaceLocker is secure. It mounts and fastens to the shoe in seconds and cannot fall off. And the shoe laces are securely stowed inside the LaceLocker and cannot open. My 11 year old son was able to install and remove the LaceLockers himself, tie and stow the laces, and close the LaceLocker. We tested the LaceLocker both during a 6 mile trail run and in an interval workout on the track. The LaceLockers did what they were designed to do, and even with forward torque applied during 200m intervals or side-to-side sway on uneven trails, the shoelaces were secure.


LaceLocker is easy and fast. It considerably speeds up tying and untying shoes, which is not only important when starting or finishing a run, but when changing from training shoes to racing flats or spikes, and back to training shoes. It adds to the stress of a race when a runner can’t put on or take off their shoes quickly without fumbling through double or triple knots. LaceLocker enables changing shoes with speed.

Awesomeness Factor

Kids and youth like gear that has an awesomeness factor. When my son first put on the LaceLockers, he looked down at his shoes and said “Dad, these things are awesome. They make me run better and faster.” And he ran a 4x 600m and 4x 200m interval workout on the track looking strong and fast. What’s also awesome is that the small, white plastic insert at the bottom of each LaceLocker can be used to list the runner’s address and phone number (much like a RoadID without the additional gear). Just use a water-proof marker!

Retail Price: $9.95 per set.

Suggestion: We hope that LaceLocker will offer cool colors (including team colors) and customized labeling (team names). These would make great prizes and incentives for youth running teams and clubs.



  1. Herb Riley · · Reply

    Lace Locker is a design of genius. Two years ago I was in a 10K and at the 7K marker my left shoelace became undone. I had to take a seat of the curb to retie the lace and when I got back onto the course I not only had lost position, but continuity for racing. I finished dead last in my age group. This year in the same 10K I used Lace Lockers and although I did not win my shoes stayed tied throughout the race. Hurray for Lace Lockers!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I had a similar experience in a trail race last year pacing my son. My laces untied with about a mile to go, and I either had to stop to tie my shoe, or pray that my shoe would not fly off. Needless to say it was an uncomfortable and stressful experience.

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