Recovery: Week 9 Half-Marathon Training

Following 2 out of 3 weeks at 50 miles, and several quality workouts last week including an 8-mile tempo run and a 17-mile long run, my legs felt heavy and it was time for a recovery week. I reduced both mileage and intensity this past week, running 45 miles including a 10-mile long run, and now I feel refreshed both physically and mentally. I ran the 10-mile run on a hilly course at night and felt comfortable at 7 minute mile pace (I could have run faster). Last week’s highlight was the 3 mile Bunny Boogie road race on Easter Saturday in Darien, CT with my 11 year old son. He clocked 20:15 and won the 12 and under age group, good for a chocolate rabbit prize! With a 55 mile-week planned for week 10, including my 3rd 17-mile long run, I should reach about 450 miles of aerobic base building since I started my half-marathon training. I hope everybody has a fun, safe and healthy training week!



  1. 10 miles comfortably @ 7 min pace is a great sign. Sounds like the tempos and long runs are working.

    1. Yes I think that the long runs and tempo runs are working. The mileage and consistency is so important, as are some fast runs to get my legs to turn over quickly. I am also running a lot of hills – can’t avoid them where I live. The 10 miles @ 7 min pace was easy and I could have held a conversation if I ran with someone else. I was really happy with that run.

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