And the Award Goes To: Week 4 Half-Marathon Training

Four weeks ago, I set a goal of running the Fairfield Half-Marathon on June 23 in 1:20. Although it’s still early, I feel good about the progress to date and am physically and mentally invested in achieving my goal.

Here’s a quick progress update:

  • Logged almost 170 miles and ran 27 out of 28 days (6 mile/day average) (starting in late January, I logged 30 consecutive days and took a day off last week as precaution to ensure I stay healthy)
  • Focused on building aerobic base with 8 runs of 8-10 miles (30% of my mileage)
    • 6 runs of 8 miles, of which 3 at sub 7 min/mile pace
    • 2 runs of 10 miles, both at sub 7 min/mile pace
  • 4 interval workouts on the track (coaching my 11 year old son) and 1 short tempo run on the road
  • Several speed workouts (again coaching my son) following easy runs
  • 16 workouts on the road, 7 on trails, 4 on the track (I would have liked to run more on trails, but the Waveny trails were covered with snow and ice after Snowstorm Nemo)
  • Completed weekly strength and core training (I want to add lower body workouts)
  • 15 minutes stretching after runs
  • More sleep to help my body recover


  1. you are making amazing progress.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate the encouragement and feedback. Very helpful. Having said that, I have a long way to go and want to make sure that I work hard from the beginning to achieve my goal.

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