2013 Armory Youth Meet

Two days after the 2013 Millrose Games were held at the NYC Armory, my sons raced on the same fast indoor track as Bernard Lagat, Lopez Lomong, Matt Centrowitz, Sheila Reid, Alysia Montano, Nick Symmonds, Duane Solomon, and high school record holders Mary Cain and Edward Cheserek, to name a few. Both sons had been training outdoors in the cold Northeast weather, and were looking forward to an indoor meet to check their progress (they also ran the 2012 Armory Youth Holiday Classic on December 22). Although both set goals to run fast, neither had been training specifically for this meet or to peak during the indoor season. Both were training to achieve PRs and success during the outdoor track season.

The goals for the two boys were slightly different. The 16 year old wanted to break the equivalent of an 11:00 for the 3200 m (he ran the 3000 m at the Armory, but at the high school level, the 3200 is common) while running negative or even splits for the first/second mile. The 11 year old wanted to run better splits for his 3000 m than he ran at the December meet, where he ran the first mile in 6:07 and finished in 11:48 (equivalent to 6:19 mile pace).

Both had super races, achieved their goals and were thrilled with their performances. The older son ran 10:11 (equivalent to 10:56 for 3200 m), which represents a 24 second PR from his 2012 outdoor track season (following recovery from an IT band injury that season). More important, he ran fairly even splits (see table below, left), moved from 9th place after 200 m to 5th place at the finish, and closed in 38 seconds for the final 200 m. He looked strong and had energy left. The younger son ran 11:46 (small PR) to win his age group, clocked 6:11 for the first mile (vs. 6:07 in December) and shaved 6 seconds off his last 1400 m. Slowing his first mile enabled him to run fairly even splits (see table below, right) and close in 44 seconds for the final 200 m.

Younger son starts in last place…

Quickly moves up each lap…

Much of the race, he had to run alone

Older son moved from 9th and last place at start to finish 5th

Brothers thrilled with their races, younger son placed 1st in age group to win gold



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