Half-Marathon Training: Week 1 Medium Run

It is mid-week and I have completed 3 runs totaling almost 20 miles, so I should achieve my weekly goal of 45 miles (my ultimate goal is to run the Fairfield Half Marathon on June 23 in 1:20). Monday I ran 7.5 miles at an easy pace on trails, Tuesday I ran 10×400 intervals on the track with my 11 year old son (82 seconds with 1:3 break, so aerobic workout), and Wednesday I ran 8 miles on roads (see below). All three workouts were at night (after work) with headlamps. Thursday I plan an easy 6 mile trail run with my son, to be followed by my long run on Friday.

Wednesday’s run was my medium run for the week, representing slightly less than 20% of my weekly mileage. In comparison, my longs runs will start at 10 miles and increase over time to the half-marathon distance and represent 20-25% of my weekly mileage. This was a more challenging run than I expected because of lack of aerobic base, hills, darkness, and heavy fog. I completed the out-and-back course in 56 minutes, or 7 minutes per mile, with negative splits (aided by the course profile). Average HR was 169 (about 80% of HR Max). I climbed about 275 feet in the first 3 miles, with the middle 2 miles up and down (net flat), and the final 3 miles downhill (same 275 feet). All measurements taken with Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS and HRM.


Mile 1: 7:37
Mile 2: 7:36
Mile 3: 7:12
Mile 4: 7:08
Mile 5: 7:03
Mile 6: 7:06
Mile 7: 6:57
Mile 8: 6:49

Overall, I was pleased to run 8 miles at a 7 min mile pace given my physical condition and environmental conditions. I expended more effort than expected, so that is confirmation that the goal, while achievable, will require substantial effort and commitment over the remaining 5 months to the Fairfield Half Marathon on June 23.


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  1. […] had four quality workouts during the week, two long runs of 8 miles each, and two threshold workouts 10×400 and 5×800 at my son’s mile goal pace with 1:3 […]

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