Gear Review – FuelBelt High Visibility Vest

Running with kids after sunset is often necessary during the autumn and winter months because of work commitments (mine, not theirs). For safety reasons, it’s important not only to see (where you’re running), but to be seen (especially by bigger and faster motorists). I have already mentioned that my boys and I wear the Princeton Tec Fuel headlamp (read my gear review) to illuminate our running paths. We combine the headlamp with a quality, functional FuelBelt high visibility vest that is visible up to one-half mile and will draw attention from motorists and others as you are running in the dark.

Although we like to run on trails, there are a few roads that we must cross or run along the side, and I have been impressed that motorists slowed a couple of hundred yards away and stopped completely a polite distance from the street crossing to allow us to continue our run. Proof that we are visible.

Continue reading my review below the photos.

Front of FuelBelt high visibility vest showing bright lime mesh fabric, silver reflective taping and full-length zipper

Back of vest has two zippered pockets for keys, identification, etc.

Left side of vest with generous arm opening and black fabric stretch panel for better fit

What we like:

  • Bright lime green vest with reflective silver taping and reflective FuelBelt logo (on back) is visible up to one-half mile.
  • Mesh construction reduces weight and lets air flow through, making it comfortable in warm weather.
  • Full vest with zippered front provides better fit compared to other brands that have front and back panels with Velcro closures. Adult’s small size should comfortably fit kids age 8-12.
  • Generous arm openings (important to fit over fleece jacket in colder weather).
  • Stretch fabric side panels for improved fit (again fits over fleece jacket).
  • Two zippered pockets on back hold identification, driver’s license, keys, cash.
  • Great value for quality and features (around $22 retail price). We purchased ours from Threads & Treads store in Greenwich, Connecticut.

What we would improve:

  • YKK brand zipper could be more robust.


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