Gear Review – Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp

Autumn marks perhaps my favorite running season. Cooler temperatures. Leaves changing color. Headwinds gusting across our faces. Earthy, woody smells permeating the air during our trail runs. And dusk falling by early evening, shortening the daylight hours available for our runs. Unless of course you own gear to run after sunset. Because of work commitments, it is often not possible for me to run with my sons during the shortened daylight of autumn and winter, and so we purchased Princeton Tec Fuel headlamps and Fuel Belt high visibility vests (see separate Gear Review) to extend our running days.

My kids couldn’t wait to try out the Princeton Tec Fuel headlamps. The verdict was unanimous – when dusk falls, we wouldn’t leave home without our Princeton Tec Fuel headlamps. We absolutely love them.

Continue reading my review below the photos.

Princeton Tec Fuel headlamps in lime green / gray and black / gray

4 ultra bright LEDs provide plenty of light for running in the dark

Battery compartment door on left, large button on top, adjustable arm on right

Gray headlamp piece adjusted upwards relative to lime green arm

Open compartment holding 3 AAA batteries

What we like:

  • Simple technology in a small, light and robust package.
  • 4 ultra bright LEDs powered by 3 AAA batteries with up to 150 hours of burn time (depending on setting).
  • Weighing only 78 grams (2 ¾ ounces), the headlamp won’t slip or slow you down.
  • Large button with 4 settings (high, medium, low, emergency blinking) that can be operated while on the run.
  • Arm bracket that allows the headlamp to be rotated to aim the light where it’s needed, again while on the run.
  • Adjustable, washable and comfortable strap that keeps the headlamp from slipping, even when running intervals or strides.
  • Easily accessible battery compartment that can be opened with a small plastic tab attached to the strap.
  • Ergonomic, robust plastic case that will withstand outdoor wear and tear (and even the occasional drops expected from kids using their lamps).
  • Attractively priced for the functionality and quality (retail price around $25). We purchased ours from Threads & Treads store in Greenwich, Connecticut.

What we would improve:

  • Nothing.

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