Check point – 1 mile time trial (2010)

With the Presidential Fitness Test looming in 4th grade, our 8-year old son asked me to stage a 1 mile time trial as a check point after working hard during the summer of 2010 and recently running a 25:25 time in a 5K road race (8:11 pace).

He ran an 8:30 road mile in mid-June 2010, so he wanted to run around a 7:40 pace on the track. With my wife cheering for our son, and me pacing him around the track, his splits were 1:55, 1:55, 1:58 and 1:43 for a fabulous 7:31 mile. His strong finish indicates that he has something left to give. Obviously proud, our son asked if he could take a victory lap (recently having watched David Rudisha of Kenya set the 800-meter world record in Berlin and take a victory lap). After a gulp of Gatorade, we headed for the trails of Waveny Park for a 3-mile warmdown.

Even before heading for the shower, our son thought about his next goal. “Dad, I would like to run a 6:45 mile this spring.” A little scary to think about that. [Find out whether he achieved his goal or not.] Our 14-year old son, who runs on the high school cross-country team, put it into perspective: “Dad, I can’t tell my friends that my 8-year old brother wants to run a 6:45 mile. It’s sick – in a good way. Nobody will believe me.” It was great to see my kids so excited about the progress and achievement. Best comment from my 8-year old: “Dad, I’m going to have some sweet dreams tonight.” Sweet dreams, son!


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  1. […] As background, as an 8 year old he ran 8:30 at the New Canaan Mile (on the road) in June 2010, then lowered his mile time in September to 7:31 (a one minute improvement in 3 months), so it was not totally crazy that he could run 6:45 in June 2011. But then again, an almost 2 […]

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